Fifteen years ago, Jason Freiberg started agricultural technology company Agtronics as a backyard business in Goondiwindi. He sold the first AutoFarm GPS autosteer system in Australia.

Today, the business is thriving and is the second largest AutoFarm dealer in Australia. “The 2cm RTK AutoFarm has proven repeatability year after year, which some of the other brands just don’t have,” he said.
And that has seen a steady stream of customers trading up to AutoFarm.
“People are seeing the value in the technology, and they really appreciate the customer support we offer,” Jason said.
Always eager to source, use and improve the very latest and best in Ag technology, Jason is very excited about the arrival of WeedIT. The Dutch designed selective weed-spraying unit is “unlike anything currently available in Australia,” Jason said. WeedIT can reduce your chemical costs by up to 90 percent.

The unit can be used at speeds up to 30kph, and operates from “true ground speed and self-calibrates. Full diagnostic screens are one of the major advantages of the WeedIT, allowing for continual monitoring of the system.
Agtronics now specialise in precision farming (GPS guidance) and telemetry equipment. We also supply and install UHF and VHF radios, carkits, spotlights (including HID conversions) and reversing cameras, solar equipment, harnesses and leads, and provide sensors for a large range of monitoring units, as well as the monitoring units themselves and can repair and service all of the products we sell.

We also have a range of mechandise

Hats and Stubie collers
Bar Mats and caps