5Ghz Wireless Access Point 802.11a/n 600mw 16dBi

Performance Breakthrough
150+ Mbps real outdoor throughput and up to 15km+ range. Featuring 2x2 MIMO technology, the WT5-UNS links significantly faster and farther than ever before.

- Next-Gen Antenna Design
New antenna array designs featuring 16dBi at 5GHz with optimized cross-polarity isolation in a compact form-factor.

Dual Ethernet Connectivity
The WT5-UNS provides a secondary Ethernet port with software enabled POE output for seamless IP Video integration.

Intelligent POE

Communication Solutions

  • Agtronics can supply and install:
    - GME UHF, VHF and Commercial Radios,
    - Carkits and a variety of phone cradles,
    - Reversing cameras,
    - Rallye 4000 Spotlights, and
    - HID Conversion Kits.

  • We also stock a large range of antennas, connectors, patch-leads, and brackets. To discuss your communication needs contact Agtronics on 07 4671 4715 or to view the entire GME range visit GME online www.gme.net.au




Ubiquiti Networks™ set the bar for the world's smallest and most powerful
Access Point (AP) with the original PicoStation™. The PicoStationM2HP
takes the same concept to the future with integrated airMAX™ technology.

The PicoStationM2HP features speeds up to 100+ Mbps and range performance
of up to 500 m.

It can be deployed in indoor or outdoor environments, so the PicoStationM2HP is ideal for
applications requiring medium‑range performance and a minimal installation footprint.

The high performance, small form factor, and low cost of the PicoStationM2HP make it extremely
versatile and economical to deploy.

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