Always eager to source, use and improve the very latest and best in Agricultural technology, Agtronics is very excited about the WEEDit.

The WeedIT units are equipped with a full diagnostic screen, allowing for continual monitoring of the system and can be used at speeds up to 30kph. The system operates from true ground speed and calibrates automatically as ground colours change.

Sensors are located at metre intervals; this means the burden on the boom is greatly reduced. Each sensor controls five nozzles and can spray strips only 20cm wide. It’s also capable of targeting much smaller weeds than our competitors.

Special, very fast solenoid drivers also contribute to WeedIT’s efficiency. They open in one milli-second and close in five. This means spray nozzles turn on and off in a range of 3-5cm before and after a weed. This is where the savings come from - you are only spraying weeds – not the surrounding area! With WEEDit, there is no need to stop spraying at night, because the sensors have their own light source which still works in the dark.

The combination of all of these features enables the WeedIT the capability of reducing your chemical costs by up to 90 percent. Achieved through a combination of more accurate recognition technology, segmented sensors and faster acting solenoids that produce the smallest possible spraying footprint even at speeds up to 25kph.

- Travel up to 25km/hr
- One sensor per metre means less burden on the boom
- No calibration required
- Detects weeds as small as a 50c piece
- Sun and water resistant sensors
- User-friendly console
- Works consistently across different soil types
- Constantly runs at optimum setting, saving time and money
- Uses 90% less chemical

WeedIT fitted to a 24m Hayes 3PL Suspended Boom
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To download the brochure click on the link below, or for more information on the WEEDit
please contact Jason Freiberg on 07 4671 4715.
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